Adjusting to the Upgrades

by Kyrsten Weber - The Modern Mom on March 4th, 2013

After a long wait, my computer, ProTools and interface are officially upgraded. Check that--the computer is the same, but my Mac has more memory and a new OS, so it FEELS new. I was holding back the panic as I prepared for a steep learning curve on ProTools... only to find that the the software isn't that different and I could even open my ancient PT LE 7.0 sessions in the new PT Express 10.0. Celebrations were heard throughout the neighborhood!

Well, these weren't the only upgrades. I've been using Quicken 2003 on my other Mac (which probably does qualify as ancient). I did not hear good things about more current versions of Quicken for Mac, so I asked for recommendations. iBank seemed to be the go-to software for my needs. I downloaded a demo and low and behold, it's great! I can even (drum roll, please) download my transactions directly into the software from my credit union's website. I know, a lot of you have probably be doing this for years, but it was a new experience for me. Oh, the hours of entering transactions that I will save!

The downside is that I still need to do my 2012 taxes using my old Quicken software. The data is already there and the reports will still run, but I want to play with my new toy--uh, new software. I bet it does all kinds of tricks that my old one didn't. Ah well, give me a month and I'll be done with Quicken, the old computer will go to some needy family, and I'll get to play around--um, delve into the complexities of my new software. I've never been so motivated to get my taxes done!

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Rick - March 6th, 2014 at 5:45 PM
This made me smile. ;)

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