Gotta Get an Upgrade

by Kyrsten Weber - The Modern Mom on January 17th, 2013

I had been limping along with an outdated OS, browser, Flash Player, audio name it and it needed an upgrade. Finally, I hit a virtual brick wall and had to step into the 2010's. I called my Mac guru, Micah, and asked what version of ProTools would serve my needs, be affordable and work with...which version of Mac OS was that?

One trip to Guitar Center and a LONG evening of Micah-assisted downloads, installs and troubleshooting and - drumroll please - I'm UPGRADED! My OS works with ProTools Express. My browser works with, well, everything. And I no longer have to close those annoying windows telling me, "Your browser needs updating". Thanks to Avid, I can even open my old, musty, moldy sessions from (eek!) ProTools 7. And the preamp on the Mbox Mini are good enough that I can bail on my little mixer. Oh, I love a tidy studio!

Very shortly I'll be ditching Quicken - which apparently doesn't like Macs - for iBank. Not my favorite kind of software to play with, but it beats using a check register and abacus. Don't laugh. I was seriously considering it.

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