Friendly, Smart, Natural and unassumingly Hip

I'm the voice of the modern mom. I am calm, cool and collected. The mom with a practical sense of style. The one who is always on top of things. But you know, the kids don't let you live there for long. I can also be busy, frazzled, at the end of my wits. Depends on what your voiceover needs. And maybe what day of the month it is.

A warm, conversational, believable, friendly, sometimes sophisticated, always down-to-earth voice. And every modern mom should be able to deliver sultry. (Otherwise, where would our husbands be?)

For over 20 years, I have lived a large part of my life in the studio as a voiceover artist. A professionally-trained actor, I earned my stripes first as a stage actor, touring with a professional theatre company, then as half of a storytelling duo. After juggling time between studio and stage, I went exclusively free-lance, built a studio and became my own boss…well, actually, I report to you.

Musings of a Modern Mom

As the voice of the modern mom, it's only natural that I have a blog related to both motherhood and my work as a voiceover actress.